Join Farmers for Barber!


Jim Barber is one of our own! A fifth-generation farmer, he's running for the New York State Senate and he needs our support.


We all know that the future of our industry, as well as our rural communities, is heavily impacted by the decisions made in Albany. That's why we need to elect Jim, so that he can inform those decisions and direct the process in our favor. When elected, he will be the only full-time farmer in the State Senate.


For forty years, Jim has been a part of the Farm Bureau fighting our broken property tax system. We now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to fix it and remove the unfair burden on rural property owners. Let's send Jim to the senate where he will be able to get it done!

Farmers and Ranchers have always taken care of each other, let's take care of Jim today!

We support Jim Barber for State Senate:

Jeff and Sallee Ten Eyck, Summerhill Farm and Brewery

Kareem Massoud, Paumanok Vineyards

Dave Handy

Kenyon Parsons, Parsons Farm

Greg Coon, Coon Brothers Dairy

Seth Friedman Greentopia Farm

Emily and Daniel Hallahan, Art Farm Flowers

Carrie Edsal, Black Willow Pond Farm

Ilyssa Berg, Painted Goat Dairy

Jesse Pascale, Rock Hill Farm

Chrissy Chiacchia and Holly Kingstrom, Gaias Breath Farm

Kate Miller, Weathertop Farm

Dwayne Hill, Shaver-Hill Maple Farm

Corey Mosher, Mosher Farms

Joy Crist, Crist Orchards

"You understand, as I do, how critical it is that we have a representative in the State Senate who shares our values and work ethic. Someone who can sit at the table with the Democratic Senate leadership and speak from the personal experience of earning a living as a full-time farmer. We can be sure that Albany will continue to enact legislation that will mandate how we should be farming and running our businesses. I need to be there to represent all of us. If you agree, join this growing list of supporters today! 

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